I'm studying computer science at UC Santa Cruz. I love working on products that help improve the lives of others. My current interests lie in computer security and building a business.

I have extensive experience working with individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. During my time as a Crowd Researcher at Stanford, I led a team of 10 fellow researchers, designers, and developers from India, Germany, and various US states. As the founder of ImagineBernie, I brought together a core team of 10 from 10 states and 246 activists in all 50 states and 10 countries. I also volunteered as a Software QA tester for Mozilla where I remotely worked with many individuals located in India and Bangladesh. I'm also fortunate to have worked under important influencers like Naomi Wolf. Contact me if you have additional questions!

When I'm not at work, you can find me exploring new places. So far around the globe, I've traveled to South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, and Mexico.

I love making new friends and understanding their lives. During my freshman year, I got to travel to New York City, NY and New Haven, CT. During my time in NY, I took the opportunity to meet many individuals! In one instance, my airport shuttle driver gave me her perspective on the challenges a minimum wage worker faces when living on the outskirts of the big city. In another scenario, I learned from an employee of the Department of Defense about how crucial it is for technology to predict future terrorist attacks. I'm happy to have examined the differing political stances of many New Yorkers when it came to Hillary and Trump. These experiences set a stepping stone for myself months later when I founded an independent political organization.

When I traveled to Detroit, MI, I had the invaluable experience of visiting some of Detroit's most dangerous neighborhoods. I met many hard working people living with deteriorating infrastructure and learned in general why a million people moved out of the city over the span of a decade. I gained new perspectives on the challenges faced by people here including crime, discrimination, and income inequality. This experience forever changed my impression of how many people out there are struggling to get by compared to Silicon Valley - where people seem to be living well. One day, I hope to develop technology which helps others facing incredible economic and infrastructure challenges.

While In Eugene, OR, I got to learn from local taxi drivers about why Eugene banned Uber from operating there. It was also interesting to understand why some living in Eugene oppose the use of Marijuana. Note, Eugene has many marijuana users.

During my out of state adventures, I used my time to build amazing products with strangers who eventually became dear friends. While in New Haven, my team and I built an award-winning resume parsing web application. In Detroit, my team and I made a game which helps injured individuals better rehabilitate. In Eugene, my team and I built an award-winning virtual reality app targeted towards sports fans. We had 2-time Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton and olympian Devon Allen demo it, too! In Pasadena, CA, my team and I built an award-winning virtual reality environment used for emotional training and relaxation.

PS: I'm working on a stealth startup with a couple of friends.