Founder at ImagineBernie

February 2016 - July 2016 (6 months)

I was in my dorm chilling on my bed thinking about the current political state of the United States. I felt frustrated because I felt like my generation needed to express our emotions and beliefs in the election cycle. By this time, I had already joined the official Bernie 2016 campaign team as a user researcher for Bernie's social media web team. We were in the process of officially releasing Bernie's official social media platform - . After deciding to solve this problem I realized, I went on Google forms and create a survey in order to recruit like minded individuals in my mission. I posted this call to action via a google sign up form on numerous facebook groups containing democratically affiliated individuals. In a span of less than week, I've received over 200 signups from people in all 50 states within a span of 2 days Plus another 49 signups within the next 2 months. I brought together a core team and we officially created ImagineBernie. Our website: Our Facebook Page: Imaginebernie

My original call to action!

So many people in so little time! Sensitive info blurred out for privacy but we have a time stamp and name listed on the 2 left columns.

The amazing amounts of diversity in terms of states

Click this image to be directed to the powerpoint! This is one of the surveys we conducted on Facebook for the Bernie Connect team.

An image of our website's front page.

Meeting one of Bernie's biggest supporters: Steve Bhaerman, a Huffington Post contributor.