Crowd Researcher

May 2015 - March 2017 (1.9 years)

Storyline: Half way through my senior year of highschool, I wanted to find opportunities in technology where I can contribute to a project that's doing social good. After doing some online research, I stumbled upon the crowd research initiative set off by Michael Bernstein and Rajan Vaish of Stanford. This would prove to be one of my first ever experiences working with a crowd sourced team with members located across the globe. What the Stanford Crowd Research Collective is trying to do is understand the challenges that Turkers on Amazon mechanical turk face. These challenges include website user experience, payment systems, and other restrictions. We also studied what challenges requesters, people who post tasks for turkers, faced in using Amazon's unoptimized platform.

Main Roles: When I first stated out, I wanted to join one of the many teams that existed. I came to a reealization that this could be my first opportunity to try and lead my own team for once. Rajan Gave me this opportunity and I managed to bring together 10 people. We worked on design thinking, bsdfdsfs, and helped support the project leads in studying how Amazon Mechanial

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