Senior Student Partner at Microsoft

November 2015 - Present (1.6 years)

Storyline: I applied to the MSP position after graduating highschool only to get denied. I was determined to become a student partner and set off messaging a ton of people on Linkedin in order to find out what types of skills I should have in order to get a shot at becomnig a student partner. When I started freshman year of college at UCSC, I was still determined to land this position. I was at Yale University during the school year for a hackathon called YHacks 2015 when I finally had a shot. I pitched myself to Adina S. from Microsoft who gave me a shot at being a student partner. This was by far my biggest break into the professional world!

Main Roles: I started off as a regular student partner eventually getting promoted to senior status through my hard work during freshman year. As an SSP, I mentor student partners, facilitate workshops, and lead special projects. Every month, I host technical workshops on campus related to Microsoft related technologies like Microsoft Azure and Arduino/Raspberry pi development. Other cool activities I am a part of include teaching students at Santa Cruz Elementary schools how to code! Additionally, I am mentoring two student partners from SFSU and Cal Poly SLO as part of my work. I've helped them establish Microsoft clubs on campus and get started with technical workshops.

From all of my experiences thus far, I've gained many invaluable experiences. My public speaking skills have improved considerably because I do a lot of talking while teaching my workshop. I interact with students a lot during these workshops because there is such much troubleshooting I have to figure out (Students have different builds!). All of these interactions between me and my peers have given me better communication skills I know can be used in an environment where I will need to communicate between different teams of a company like Software and Sales. Since I have to learn everything that I'd be teaching, I've gained considerable experience in writing programs for boards like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I've also gotten a little bit of experience using the Feather M0 and Huzzah ESP8266. My most favorite workshop was when I had to show others how to deploy a remote monitoring solution to track humidty and temperature. We used an Intel Edison + humidity sensor and hosted the data coming from it on Microsoft Azure.

First annual hour of code with students from Green Acres Elementary in Santa Cruz, CA.

Invited Technical Evangelist Tobiah Zarlez to present a "Developing for Microsoft Hololens" Q&A.

The picture is messed up for some reason. This was from the Microsoft Hololens event with Tobiah.

Leading an introduction to unity development using the oculus rift DK1

Picture with the Microsoft sponsor crew after my team and I won at Caltech's HackTech competition.

With the Microsoft sponsor team at LA Hacks in UCLA.

2nd annual hour of code event with one class of students from Green Acres Elementary in Santa Cruz, CA.

2nd annual hour of code event with one class of students from Green Acres Elementary in Santa Cruz, CA.